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 Welcome to The 13th Hour

 The 13th hour was founded by Doomtim and Haji_killer. They wanted to  create a server that was friendly and active for all minecraft players to enjoy. The server has been built by several people such as Doomtim, Haji_killer, OverlordCM, MrsHugz, and xCyber_Spartan. We want our members to feel at home and know that this server is going no where. We plan on this server being one of the number one minecraft servers in the world. We want you all to have a fun and exciting server to play on and we look forward to the many builds you all will make on this amazing and one of a kind server.

The server has several different features such as

  1. Great server with an amazing host.
  2. MCMMO
  3. Economy
  4. Discord
  5. Anti-Grief plugins so your things will never be destroyed or stolen
  6. Jail system for those that are unpleasant.
  7. Events coming soon.
  8. Heavily community based server with a "Majority wins" voting for upcoming events and plugins.
  9. Staff and Admins available at most times for assistance.

This is a semi-vanilla server, we enjoy the simplicity and basic nature of the game with a few tweaks to improve your experience.

Dabidha1016Happy Birthday to me XD
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[Donor] MortiKombat S  Happy late birthday!
The 13th Hour has reached a new hit record of 90 unique hits today!
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Wuwman ❤Got a new PC ! :d
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Wuwman ❤Is fire spread on , in the new map ? I'm wondering, because I want to build a fireplace :)
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[Donor] MortiKombat S  Nope, it's off. I have a fireplace in my house and it's still standing :)
Wuwman ❤   Thank you ! :)
[Donor] ElisetheChic1800 S  created a new thread My new Steampunk Tower House! :D in the General Discussion forum
Dabidha1016   created a new thread A job system in the General Discussion forum
Haji_killerBIG changes to the server soon guys...FYI map reset soon
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[Donor] MortiKombat S  I don't mind the idea of mods. I just don't want the mods that "may" be added to make the game lag horrible for players who don't have gaming PCs.
GralleyHalloway   true, is a concern of mine as well.
Haji_killer   ok well I didnt mean 2 do a map reset so soon but I accidentally did :( lost most plugins as well. After a few hours I got the plugins working and server is back up. I apologize for all the issues right now we are in the middle of rebuilding everything
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